Welcome to 12-R!

12 Ronin is a World of Tanks clan.


We welcome our clan members (and external visitors) here for viewing photos and replays from other clanmembers and gather information about our goals, achievements, etc.

No recruiting yet!  (Recruiting!)

Update August 2017:

We welcome new members in our clan!

  • Are you legal adult?
  • Are you willing to play Strongholds (or learn to play them)?
  • Are you willing to improve your personal skills and platoon with other clanmembers and mentors?
  • Ar you willing to be frequently on Team Speak?
  • Are you looking for a clan that offers a friendly enviroment for all?
  • Are you in for some fun and laughing while improving your stats?
  • Are you speaking English? (We don’t expect it to be perfect, as we are an international clan with members from all over Europe!)


The clan is in a start up fase and not (yet) recruiting new members. In the nearby future we will open our doors for legal adults that want to play World of Tanks while active on Team Speak.

Main goal of 12-R is to initiate more joy while playing this game and learn from each other while playing platoons and strongholds (skirmishes). This all in a enviroment that won’t allow any form of racism, sexism, insults, exploitation or bullying.

Trainings will be given by mentors and trainers, but this service is entirely voluntary.

Non-Profit organisation

We have no intentions to become a commercial clan or community in the future ‘in any way’, the goal is totally non-profit.



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