12 Ronin is recruiting new members!

We welcome new members in our clan!

The summer is slowly turning into Autumn and World of Tanks is getting a bigger priority again in the daily agenda of many game addicts. The perfect time to open our doors to our friendly international clan.

We are looking for men and women
  • Are you a legal adult?
  • Are you willing to play Strongholds (or learn to play them)?
  • Are you willing to improve your personal skills and platoon with other clanmembers and mentors?
  • Are you willing to be frequently on Team Speak?
  • Are you looking for a clan that offers a friendly enviroment for all?
  • Are you in for some fun and laughing while improving your stats?
  • Are you speaking English? (We don’t expect it to be perfect, as we are an international clan with members from all over Europe!)

Feel free to visit us on TeamSpeak!

We have an open TeamSpeak for guest and friends.

If you don’t have TeamSpeak yet, but have a headset and are able to use voice. (Talking is not always needed, don’t worry about that!)

The program is light and easy to download by this link: https://www.teamspeak.com/en/teamspeak3

After installing you can find our clan by adding the follow address in the place that is called (Server Nickname or Address):

You will then enter our welcome room on Team Speak.

We are not always in the welcome room. If an officer is not welcoming you right away, feel free to write a message on Team Speak. (Right mouse click on the person and send a message.) They will make time for you as soon as possible to welcome you.

If there is not any member online, please visit us on another time again or write us an email.

We are mostly active in the evenings between 6 – 12 PM.

Hope to see you soon!


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