Welcome to the website of 12 RONIN

We welcome our clan members (and external visitors) here for viewing photos and replays from other clanmembers and gather information about our goals, achievements, etc.

The website is still improving monthy. New suggestions are welcome at all times!

Main goal of 12-R is to initiate more joy while playing this game and learn from each other while playing platoons and strongholds (skirmishes). This all in a enviroment that won’t allow any form of racism, sexism, insults, exploitation or bullying.

Trainings will be given by mentors and trainers, but this service is entirely voluntary.

Non-Profit organisation

We have no intentions to become a commercial clan or community in the future ‘in any way’, the goal is totally non-profit.

In the top menu on the right side you will find:

  • Posts (All posts on the website are under this button, starting with the most recent post.)
  • Replays (See here the most recent replays of our clanmembers worth watching.)
  • Recruiting (We are recruiting and on this page more information about that.)

Feel free to visit us, explore and leave comments. If you like to get new updates and posts, you can subscribe to new posts by mail.  (right menu next to this page to subscribe)